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Ok, so now you are wondering, how do I order one of these dashes for my rig? 

1st. Email me at


2nd. Look through the pics in the links for the dash that is closest to what you want for your set up, Copy the pic and put that in the email. Add a list of things you want to change or add to the design.  


3rd.  When I get your email I will work up a design and email you a pdf of the dash.  


4th.  If there is anything you want changed or moved just let me know and I will make the changes, until you are happy with the design.


5th.  Send a check or money order for the dash to be made.  When I receive the check I will send all the files out to get your dash laser cut. The laser cutting takes a minimum of two weeks to be completed.  It takes me roughly 1 week to finish the dash.  So it will take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to complete the dash after I receive your payment.


6th.  Once the dash is completed I will send you pics of the dash and ask again for your shipping address.  The dash will be crated within plywood and then wrapped in cardboard to the shipped.  I will then send you a tracking number from UPS.

The images to the right are design templates I use and have individual pricing for components.



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