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 TJ Dashes

TJ dashes come in 3 Styles.

TJ Flat Dash version

This version is for the off-roader. 

Put all the necessary items in one panel, no more clutter or plastic. 

Pricing starting at $350



The Full Version is reverse engineered from the original dash panel, only in metal not plastic.  Your stock cluster will mount to this or you can rewire to use aftermarket gauges. The dash comes ready to bolt in.  But you will have to get heater duct hoses and heater outlet vents to put in the dash. I make a heater plenum duct that screws to the factory heater box.  

TJ Full Version for the stock gauge cluster.

TJ Full Version for aftermarket gauges.

Pricing $950 for either model.


Disclaimer:  These dashes are sold as off-road use only.  When ordering you will have to sign a waiver due to the passenger side air bag being  removed and mail the signed waiver to Double D Fabrication.



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